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9 Relaxing Warm-Weather Retreats Sneak Preview! Upstyled Home Outdoors
9 Relaxing Warm-Weather Retreats

Porch Perfection

In summertime, the living should be easy, and what better place to while away the hours than a comfortably outfitted porch or patio? Whether your goal is relaxation or entertaining guests, these casual living spaces should reflect your personal style. Here are nine examples filled with ideas to inspire your summer haven:

1. Vintage Classic

Shake up timeless white wicker, a porch staple, by pairing it with an industrial accent painted a bold hue, like this turquoise wheeled cart. Mix in cushions and pillows in a contrasting color to keep things bright.

This image appeared in Country Sampler's Home Tours 2016 in the article "A Colorful Personality." Photography by Mark Lohman and styling by Sunday Hendrickson.

Vintage Classic

2. Barn Yesterday

Set a rustic stage on a screened porch by employing weathered materials, such as authentic red barn board, for walls or flooring. Seek out unique accessories, such as a wood cistern cover to back a large clock, a table made from an old paneled door or a potato sack-turned-pillow, to complete the look.

Barn Yesterday

3. Country Blues

Arrange for alfresco dining on your porch or patio by including a table and seating in the form of benches and/or chairs. Select a painted primitive, such as this blue table, as a focal point and then bring in other accents that echo or complement that hue.

This image appeared in the January 2017 issue in the article "In the Heart of Texas." Photography by Bill Mathews and styling by Becki Griffin.

Country Blues

4. Garden Fresh

Make your porch an extension of the outdoors by giving it a garden theme, including a picket fence surround and an old gate as a backdrop for display. Vintage picnic baskets, potted plants, watering cans and other accents enhance the effect, as does a flower-inspired palette.

This image appeared in the May 2013 issue in the article "Cultivating Creativity." Photography and styling by Franklin & Esther Schmidt.

Garden Fresh

5. Swing Shift

A swing is the ultimate porch accessory and can be the anchor of a comfortable conversation space. Situate a small table or two near the swing for drinks and snacks, keep a basket filled with rolled quilts or throws close at hand for chilly evenings and add a plump pillow or two, such as this charming one sewn from a vintage sugar sack.

Swing Shift

6. Cherry Picked

Select a summer icon, like cheerful cherries, and make it a recurring theme throughout your porch decor, finding fun fabrics for pillows and other accents. Green is the perfect complement to red, and a jadeite hue provides a vintage touch. Boost display space by hanging a pot rack from the ceiling to showcase seasonal accents.

Cherry Picked

7. Soft Touch

Use textiles to cozy up a covered porch, outfitting chairs with comfy cushions and pillows and hanging a coordinating quilt on the wall. Incorporate outdoorsy accessories, like an old rake as a quilt hanger and a stepstool topped with glass as an accent table.

Soft Touch

8. Farmhouse Flair

Create distinctive porch furniture from repurposed goods, such as this coffee table assembled by topping a washer bench with a cast-off bank security gate and old sofa painted white and covered in denim fabric and feed-sack pillows.

Farmhouse Flair

9. Woodsy Warmth

Take your cue from the view and choose furnishings that reflect the setting, just as this wood furniture with green cushions complements the arboreal location of this screened porch. A birdhouse collection perched on the sill speaks to the scenery as well.

This image appeared in the September 2015 issue in the article "Getting Away from It All." Photography and styling by Gridley + Graves.

Woodsy Warmth

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