Fresh from the Greenhouse

Take a peek at some of the ways Paige Rose from The Quaint Sanctuary has infused the rooms in her home with style inspired by a trip to the greenhouse. Paige is a Country Sampler fan who loves to share practical and creative ideas from her home decorating adventures.

“I come from a long line of decorators, thrifters and pickers, so this really wasn’t a surprise that I was interested in decor,” says Paige, who has been blogging from her suburban cottage since 2013.

Paige updates and rearranges her spaces often, including her dining room and living room. In this iteration, she gives both a springtime makeover.

Yearning for warmer days when she can really dig into the garden, Paige decided to bring a little of what she calls “greenhouse style” indoors. A major part of the look involves incorporating a mix of real plants, such as ivy, and artificial foliage. “Be sure to use many different types of greens, plants and flowers,” she advises. “The more the merrier when it comes to textures and color variations.”

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Terra-cotta pots and saucers are another garden staple and can do more than just hold plants, notes Paige, who occasionally uses them to prop up or contain other items. Sometimes she experiments a bit before making a decision on what to use where, snapping a quick photo for the sake of comparison. If you look closely, you’ll see one of her two living room lamps has been given a boost on stacked saucers, bringing it closer to the salvaged weathervane parts on the wall. Click here for larger image
When the seasons shift, Paige likes to lighten up her living spaces, including her dining room. “I like to downsize our table, simplify our table decor and just make it fresher,” she says. “The holidays and heavy dinners are over and it’s time for more time spent outdoors.”

Along with plentiful plant material on the table and accent furniture, she brings a few vintage garden tools inside and hangs them up as wall decor or introduces them into vignettes.

Potted greens and blooms break up displays of dishes, and copper coffee canisters prove to be perfect planters that contribute a colorful reflective touch. To lend her arrangements a bit of realism, Paige tucks plant markers into the faux flora. “They are an easy way to add to the garden ambience,” she says.
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Paige delights in switching up furnishings and adding new elements to the mix. To keep up with her freshened spaces, seasonal ideas and the occasional recipe, visit The Quaint Sanctuary. Click here for larger image

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