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Oh, Christmas Tree!

Nicki Leathers admits to displaying 62 Christmas trees of various shapes and sizes throughout her approximately 2,500-square-foot Sigourney, Iowa, home last year. “What is more Christmassy than a Christmas tree?” she asks. “We love them and feel like it gives the perfect Christmas touch to each room,” she says. “My mom also loves Christmas trees; growing up, we had at least one (or more) in each room of the house, so I just carried on that tradition with my own family.” She details five ideas for trimming multiple trees with ease.

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Faux Snowballs

Make no-melt snowball lookalikes for holiday decor.

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Decorating Secret
Purely Ornamental

Purely Ornamental

Surround a festive sign with small wooden ornaments adhered to the wall with removable mounting putty to further the holiday cheer.


Where are you most likely to decorate with fresh holiday greenery?

Front Door
All of the Above
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