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Oh, Christmas Tree!

Nicki Leathers admits to displaying 62 Christmas trees of various shapes and sizes throughout her approximately 2,500-square-foot Sigourney, Iowa, home last year. “What is more Christmassy than a Christmas tree?” she asks. “We love them and feel like it gives the perfect Christmas touch to each room,” she says. “My mom also loves Christmas trees; growing up, we had at least one (or more) in each room of the house, so I just carried on that tradition with my own family.” She details five ideas for trimming multiple trees with ease.

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Faux Snowballs

Make no-melt snowball lookalikes for holiday decor.

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Decorating Secret
Great Frame-Ups

Great Frame-Ups

Frame scraps of fabric that coordinate with bed linens and other accessories to pull a room's look together.


Where are you most likely to decorate with fresh holiday greenery?

Front Door
All of the Above
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