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Itís the most wonderful time of year for entertaining. Whether you have a formal dining room or you gather around the table in your kitchen or great room, you can find inspiration in some of the latest dining room trends.

• Oversize Wall Decor
Large-scale pieces, from framed mirrors to salvaged goods and quilts, make a bold statement on dining room walls. Another option: Transform an entire wall into a focal point through the use of a mural or a unique wall covering.

• Rustic Meets Refined
The mix-and-match trend continues, which is perfect for country decorators who often pair dining tables with assorted chairs, sometimes using a variety of furnishings collected over time. Blending stained and painted pieces or combining rough-hewn and streamlined styles adds another layer of interest and can give a typically formal space a relaxed vibe.

• Bench Marks
Swapping chairs for benches, either long benches on one or both sides of the table or smaller benches at the ends is a fun and flexible seating option. Benches can easily be moved for use elsewhere in the home and also take up less floor space than traditional chairs, as they can be tucked beneath tables when not in use.

• Multipurpose Spaces
As the open floor plan remains popular, separate dining rooms are being replaced by dining areas within larger spaces, such as kitchens and great rooms. Even traditional dining rooms are now being tweaked to include features such as a fireplace and small sitting area or a coffee bar to expand on their primary function as an eating space.

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Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves  

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