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Planters in a Pinch

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No chance to pick up new containers for springtime plantings? Hunt around the house to find items that can double as plant holders. Try these to start with:

Just Dishy—From an out-of-commission casserole dish to a pottery bowl that has been gathering dust on a shelf, you likely have some kitchenware that could host a bloom or two. Small cracks or chips are part of the charm.

Can-Do—Gather large tins or food or coffee cans to use as planters. If you like the graphics printed on the cans, you might want to leave them as is; otherwise, opt for a quick paint makeover and a ribbon flourish.

Junked Drawer—Pull out an orphaned drawer from a damaged dresser or cracked cubby and use it as the basis for your arrangement. To protect the wood so you can reuse the piece, line the inside with plastic and/or situate plantings within rectangular plastic containers, such as those recycled from store-bought strawberries or salads.

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