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Candlestick Topiary

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Repurpose a pillar candlestick into a fabulous floral topiary alight with color.

Bring some cheer into your home with a fanciful topiary that serves as a perfect pick-me-up on a dining or side table. To start, select a pillar candleholder with a base that is weighted enough to support the flowers that will go on top. Hot glue a shallow bowl to the top of the candleholder. Add a small amount of hot glue inside the bowl, wait until it gets a bit tacky, and then press a foam disc into the bowl. Cut silk flowers into lengths that are somewhat equal in size and insert into the foam, varying colors and textures. If you’d rather use fresh flowers, glue floral foam into the bowl, add water, and then insert your flowers. Continue adding flowers until the entire surface of the disc is filled and you have a rounded topiary shape. Tie a ribbon bow around the candleholder as a finishing touch. If you like, surround the base of your arrangement with bird figurines to balance out the top.