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Welcome guests and trick-or-treaters to your front porch with a whimsical arrangement that will last throughout the fall season. Encourage your children or grandchildren to get involved in autumn decorating activities by helping turn apple baskets into a stack of grinning pumpkins sporting green cornhusk hair.

• Three sizes of apple baskets
• Three shades of orange spray paint
• Black permanent marker
• Wire
• Cornhusks
• Translucent green floral spray
• Polystyrene foam
• Moss
• Wire cutters

Spray paint baskets in three sizes with shades of orange, from dark to light. Trace a jack-o’-lantern face onto each basket and fill in with black permanent marker. Place the face slightly above center to avoid it being covered by the hair from the basket below. Fold a long piece of wire in half. Tear damp cornhusks into narrow strips. Group a few strips together, fold in half, and insert the fold between the wire strands; twist the wire to secure the husks. Continue adding more folded husks until you have enough length to line the basket’s inside rim. Repeat for each basket. Tint the cornhusks green with floral spray. When dry, wire the cornhusk hair to each basket’s rim through the inner band. Cut circular foam lids for the bottom two baskets and cover with moss. Make sure each lid sits below the rim of the basket so it can support the basket without being readily seen.

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The foam inside the basket also gives a boost to the next pumpkin in the stack.

This project originally appeared in the 2018 edition of Country Sampler Autumn Decorating. Back issues are still available.

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