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Embellished Ticking Bags

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Small drawstring bags can be used in a variety of ways -- to disguise a store-bought soap dispenser, perk up a plain glass bud vase, serve as a sachet or provide a perfect party favor. Bring patriotic pizzazz for summer by attaching stamped canvas accents to small ticking (or even solid-colored) bags.

1. Select star and flag stamps and background stamps (cursive writing or any large stamp that has fine lines and no bold images).
2. Cut lightweight canvas into square- and rectangle-shaped patches to accommodate the sizes of your stamps. Leave an additional 1/4" around the outside edges of each patch to allow for fraying the edges.
3. Fray all four sides of each canvas patch by pulling the outermost threads, one at a time, until you reach a uniform length all around.
4. Next, brush a layer of blue or red acrylic paint over the background stamp and press against a prepared canvas patch. Once the first stamped image is dry, repeat the process with a bolder second stamp (star or flag motif) in the contrasting color.
5. When the paint is dry, attach the stamped patches to the fronts of premade drawstring bags with a light layer of fabric glue.
6. Tuck small vases or bottles inside the bags and fill with fresh flowers, as shown here, or use them in myriad other ways.

Tip: Tightly woven fabric works best for stamping. Open-weave fabrics donít allow for a crisp image. If you plan to launder the bags, use fabric paints rather than acrylic paints for the stamping.

This project was originally featured in Country Sampler Summer Decorating 2016.

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