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6 Ways to Welcome Holiday Guests

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'Tis the season when company comes calling, sometimes just for the day, sometimes for an extended stay. We’ve come up with several great ideas for conveying a warm welcome to holiday visitors, and these will work whether you have a dedicated guest room or are setting up temporary guest quarters.

1. Set a Celebratory Tone. Dress the guest bed in holiday linens and add festive flourishes around the room. Try small touches, such as accent pillows or a petite floral arrangement, or go big with garland around the headboard or a decorated Christmas tree.

2. Gather Essentials. Make sure a stack of fluffy towels is readily available as well as a selection of commonly forgotten toiletries, including makeup remover wipes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, disposable razors, etc.

Collect them in a cute container, such as a dough bowl or galvanized bucket or tray.

3. Keep Things Cozy. Have several extra blankets, quilts or throws on hand so that guests can layer more warmth on the bed if they get chilly. Fold and stack the textiles in an open cupboard or tuck them into a basket so they are easy to see and access.

4. Make Connections. Decoratively frame your household Wi-Fi password and place it on a nightstand or mount it on a guest room wall.

5. Give Out Treats. Fill a basket or other container with bottled water and a few light snacks, such as granola bars or locally made gourmet popcorn or candies.

6. Stow or Show. Provide space for your guests to unpack. If you don’t have an empty closet or dresser drawers, this could be as simple as installing a peg rack or over-the-door rack for hanging items or situating a low trunk or bench at the foot of the bed where they can place their luggage.

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