Country Sampler Farmhouse Style KITCHENS 2019

Create the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams with this brand-new publications! Filled with real-life makeovers, creative islands and pantries, easy DIY projects, sensational window treatments, gardening tips, recipes and more.

kitchen creations

Four Fabulous Kitchen Makeovers

Get the inside scoop on how four farmhouse-lovers transformed their outdated kitchens into modern rustic cooking haven.

Dare to Dream—Different Kitchen Ideas

Thinking a little outside the box? Maybe try one of these stand-out ideas for a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Kitchen Roundup

Creative ideas for can-do islands, powerhouse pantries, feel-good farm tables, and pretty apron sinks.

creative diys

How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Want to make over your kitchen but can't spend thousands on new cabinets? If you put in some hard work and follow the advice of these homeowners, you can paint your cabinets to give your kitchen a brand-new look.

Budget-Friendly Window Treatments

Making your own curtains doesn't always require years of experience and costly materials. These seven options are easy on your time and your budget but produce beautiful results.

Clever Storage Ideas

Think beyond standard cabinets and racks and embrace the creative storage potential of these rustic and repurposed pieces.

Easy Farmhouse DIYs

You don't need a carving tool to fashion these festive pumpkins. Skip the guts and design with florals, fabric, beads and more instead!

Easy Farmhouse DIYs

A farmhouse kitchen shouldn't be all function and no fun. Bring in a few of these charming accents to lighten up your room.

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Essential Farmhouse Cookware

Every country chef needs these staple cookery tools. They make life in the kitchen a breeze and help produce high-quality food with that down-home taste.

Bringing Back Sunday Family Dinner

Ah the joys of a relaxing afternoon filled with love and laughter. Plan your own multi-generational Sunday family dinner and enjoy all the specialness of this old-fashioned delight.

Country Cookbook Cuisine

Indulge in these tasty recipes from a few of our favorite farm-style cookbooks. Both sweet and savory, these stick-to-your-ribs recipes will satisfy everyone at your next get-together.

Grow a Cutting Garden

No matter your space or experience level, you can grow bushels of good food and gorgeous flowers right outside your door. Just start, and before you know it, you'll be picking fresh ingredients and colorful blooms for your own farmhouse meals and bouquets.