Country Sampler Autumn Decorating 2019

Dress your home in fall beauty and warmth with our annual special issue. Inspiring homes, creative DIY projects, and easy decorating ideas bring the season's best direct to you.

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Keeping It Cozy

This modest Midwestern home reflects the homeowners’ love of sound design, affordable living and good hospitality -- and most of all coziness.

Autumn on the Farm

An Oregon entrepreneur gives a 1960s split-level home a total makeover that includes turning a former enclosed garage into a spacious kitchen that opens to her outdoor barnyard space.

Season of Plenty

Nature's shifting mood inspires a casual and colorful makeover for an 18th-century Virginia farmhouse.

Welcome to Camp Squirrel

A Vancouver shopowner teams with her husband to create unique lighting, furnishings and fabulous fall decor for their 1940 Craftsman home.

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A Dreamy, Creamy Cottage Porch

Welcome fall -- and guests -- to your home by fashioning a calming and tranquil front porch with a neutral palette and natural elements.

Soft Fall Touches

Cozy up your home with snuggly blankets, plump pillows and other warming textiles in autumn’s classic hues.

Fabulous Fall Mantels

Celebrate autumn by dressing up your hearth in fresh florals, pretty pumpkins, cool metals, warm woods, cozy pillows and blankets—all the things that say "fall" to you.

No-Mess Pumpkins!

You don’t need a carving tool to fashion these festive pumpkins. Skip the guts and design with florals, fabric, beads and more instead!

Earthy Treasures

Let Mother Nature be your guide when bringing autumn’s warm hues and rustic textures into your home.

Gather Around the Table

Leave the paper party goods to the kids, and upgrade your Thanksgiving decorating with beautiful table settings, centerpieces and more that are easy, quick and budget-friendly.

Get Spooky

Ready for a good scare? These do-it-yourself decorations will creep out even your bravest friends.

Fanciful Fun

Create an atmosphere of festive Halloween fun by crafting smile-inducing decorations and vintage-style treasures that you can enjoy for years to come.

Cats, Rats & Bats!

These iconic creatures are sure to be slipping through the night on Halloween. Craft a few of your own to roam your rooms this season.

An Apple a Day

Autumn is the season for apple picking! Visit your local orchard, pluck a bushel and a peck of juicy apples, and toss a few into these delectable dishes full of crisp fall flavor.


Cool Crafting Finds

Make it easy to create awesome DIY projects using some of these new materials and tools.

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