Country Sampler Gardens 2019

Enjoy the sun-kissed warmth and outdoor beauty of blooming decorated gardens across the country. And discover bright ways to bring your backyard to life!

Sweet Splendor

Pink, purples and dramatic foliage lend this California garden a sense of magical delight.

Garden in Time

A midwestern homeowner sets a nostalgic scene in her backyard with a treasure trove of endless antiques and found objects.

Bursting into Bloom

Abundant with trailing blooms, earthy stone pathways and delightful statuary, this West Coast garden is like a florist shop come alive.

In Spades

For this Indiana homeowner, bringing her garden to life means adding touches of blooming interest all around her home.

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The Bee's Knees

Not all wildlife is bad for your garden. Find out which insects and critters are beneficial and how to attract them.

Tiny Tableaus

Having a small space doesn't mean sacrificing home-grown foods and flowers. Put your green thumb to use even with minimal space.

Alfresco Entertaining

Bedeck your outdoor space and host a warm-weather get-together with family and friends.

DIY Garden Garniture

Dress up your outdoor space with these do-it-yourself decorations.

Plants in Patterns

Quilting isn't confined to fabric—discover the art and beauty of the quilt garden and how to create one in your own yard.

Just Around the Bend

Hidden spots and winding paths make these gardens the perfect place to relax and recharge.

Water -- The Life of a Garden

Streams, ponds, fountains, sprays -- whatever form bubbling, flowing water takes in your garden, one thing is for sure. It makes a garden come alive!

Great Public Gardens

Spend an afternoon in one of these extensive and stunning public gardens nearest you.

Community Garden Walks

Not quite sure how best to spruce up your yard? Your neighbors just might have the answer!


Online Inpiration

Check out these web finds to help grow your best garden ever.

What's New

These new plants, products and tools will make it easy to care for your yard or garden.