Country Sampler Boho Style - Summer 2018

Celebrate colorful, artistic decorating that ranges in style from elegantly eclectic to fun and flirty. Discover one-of-a-kind designers and truly unique locales.


Blue Crush

Surround yourself with a color that never loses its cool.

Hey Wanderer!

Nashville-based creative partners forge a bond between work and home.

Differenct Strokes

An Upstate NY artist creates colorful floral art with a timeless feel.

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Patterns of Behavior

It's all in a day's work for a decorative artist who fills her North Carolina home with colorful stencil projects and global goods.

Feeling Groovy

This Tennessee cottage combines living space, a design workshop, and free-spirited guest quarters under one roof. How cool is that?

The Passionate Collector

Inspired by her love of hippie style and her favorite travel destinations, a California designer curates a vibrant home.

Common Threads

Kate Keesee of Salvage Dior furnishes her SoCal home on a shoestring.

Saints & Sinners

Collections of biblical proportion fill a San Francisco home without making it feel cluttered. What's the secret?


Into the Woods

Brittany Sargent and Max McCauley celebrated with a homegrown wedding. The McCauley family's Tahoe, California home was a natural choice.

Lakeside Love Fest

With the sun at their back and bridesmaids wearing shades of mellow yellow, Coco and Ian Rowlette created a wedding with the happy hippie vibes of the 1970s.

Gild Trip

A trendy boutique hotel in Newport, RI, hearkens back to its glory days.

Bohemian Bungalow

More than a vacation rental, this California Airbnb immerses guests in the surf-and-sun centric Venice Beach lifestyle.

Goin' Places

Rescued, remodeled, and retrofitted vintage travel trailers hit the road again looking better than ever!

La Vie de Boheme

A passionate collector gets in touch with her wild side by decorating a vintage camper--just for the fun of it.

Southern Spirit

New Orleans artist Dr. Bob finds the extra in the ordinary!

A Tisket, a Tasket

It's a snap to make a rainbow pom-pom basket!