Country Sampler Modern Country 2017

Our newest special issue -- Modern Country -- brings you the best of both worlds, an updated contemporary style blended with traditional country favorites for a warm modern home.


What Comes Around Goes Around

Casual, rustic, classic! Country charm never goes out of style.

A Beautiful Mess Home

Industrial, authentic and elegant looks make this unique shop a must-see destination.

From Sweden with Love

Reviving centuries-old architecture, reclaiming built-to-last materials, and designing new homes with historic charm are all in a day's work for designer Lisa Bates.

Country Cool

Whether leather, metal, glass or linen, our inspiring finds will add a fresh new look to your home and garden.

Fresh and Functional

Catch fix-it-up fever with our compendium of problem-solving tips and go-to tricks.

Back to Nature

A Vermont getaway's current decor embraces its country roots.

Farm to Fork

At Bloomsbury Farm in Smyrna, Tennessee, organic farmer Lauren Palmer inspires a new generation of growers and chefs.

Modern Living

Author Claire Bingham celebrates town and country homes that are big on comfort and high on style.

Simple Home

British style mavens Mark and Sally Bailey share their design ethos of creating calm spaces for comfortable living.

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Country Charm

Farmhouse furnishings and sophisticated 21st-century pieces lend a Canadian home a style that's all its own.

No Place Like Home

Purposeful and meaningful pieces give a teeny apartment a big dose of charm.

Open Invitation

Designer Jennifer Maxcy uses clever tricks to expand her small 1950s ranch-style home so today it's in big demand as a production filming location.

Common Grounds

Contemporary meets casual on a rambling California wine-country ranch.

Pure Palette

An art lover's retreat in upstate New York pairs modern art with salvage in a pristine setting.