Country Sampler Upstyled Home Industrial 2017

Capitalizing on today's top trend, Upstyled Home Industrial from style expert Matthew Mead, offers pages of fresh, hardworking ideas using industrial furnishings from factories and manufacturing plants. It is a look as engaging and long-lasting as the items that comprise it. A must-have for anyone wanting to add this hot look to their home!

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Shop Talk

Visit White Flower Farmhouse, a store filled with industrial style.

Kitchen Mixer

Upstyle a few flea-market finds to add factory style to your kitchen.

Bits and Pieces

Create interesting vignettes with cast-off pieces of machine parts.

Tray Chic

Use factory trays to streamline and style every room in your house.

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Factory Fresh

Visit designer Tricia Foley's upcycled garage studio and glean her industrious entertaining ideas.

Bright Ideas

Be enlightened by lighting designer Steve Foote and his lamps made from salvaged junk.

Carts & Trolleys

Get on a "roll" with carts and racks that can be styled and moved from room to room.

Flower Mill

Arrange centerpieces with fresh flowers and pieces of industry tools and upstyled containers.

Light Industry

Tour Joanne Palmisano's lakeside home and discover her designer secrets for using salvaged materials.

Galvanizing Effect

Be inspired by ordinary galvanized containers upcycled into a stylish wardrobe closet.

Stock Room(s)

Join Lori Guyer on a tour of her inspiring home filled with industrial finds.

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The Softer Side of Industry

Explore the magical mix of rustic industrial pieces and pretty floral patterns.

No Reservations

Engage the stainless-steel look and streamline your kitchen with restaurant style.

Industrial Revolution

Not just gray, look for and collect colorful industrial pieces.