Country Sampler Prairie Style Summer 2017

The Summer 2017 issue of Country Sampler's Prairie Style will sweep you across the countryside on a magical journey through inspiring locales, charming inns and cabins, rustic retreats and jaunty electric shops.


Kick Off Your Boots

Grassroots charm and great bargains go hand in hand at markets with a sense of place.

The Prairie Pantry

Nestled in 25 acres of lavender fields, the historic Los Poblanos offers farm-to-table meals harvested daily from its own organic farm.

Made by Hand

Don't toss out old books! Pages from the past can be turned into delightful hanging lanterns.

Back in the Day

Inspiration for nostalgic decors and do-it-yourself projects draws diverse creative types to this lively New Mexico emporium.

Modern Pioneers

A multi-talented image-maker strives to capture more than a lens can see, and a rural artist handcrafts embellished journals and walking sticks from raw materials found in the wild.

Places in the Heart

Lilliput Lodge is just one of the guest cottages, coops and barns at Rachel Ashwell's Texas B & B, and restoring, renovating and preserving a historic property for future generations is a Canadian couple's passion.


Rustic Redo

Kelly Keen's Texas home gets a second chance with a little help from her friends Amie and Jolie Sikes of Junk Gypsy.

Native Flair

A Florida cottage borrows from the spirit of the American West by honoring traditions with southwestern roots.

Southwest Sanctuary

Colors and cherished mementos transform a New Mexico home into a dream getaway.

Eclectic Heritage

A passionate collector imbues a new farmhouse with beauty and history.

A Western Saga

A cabin in one of San Diego County's oldest towns is an ode to family history and frugal decorating.