Country Sampler's Prairie Style Winter 2017

Country Sampler's Prairie Style Winter 2017 -- Celebrating New American Country Decorating

The newest Prairie Style favorite includes everything you love about the wind-swept prairie: cozy cabins and vintage farmhouses, modern pioneers making their mark in the world, mouth-watering recipes for downhome goodness and more. This issue speaks to all those who love living in the beautiful heartlands.


Kick Off Your Boots

Go West!

Not since the great Gold Rush has so much loot awaited the treasure hunter.

The Prairie Pantry

A Prairie Feast

Treat family and friends to flavorful home-cooked meals any time of the day.

Made By Hand

Pretty Posies

No water needed! These easy DIY fabric flowers make a colorful and everlasting bouquet.


Nesting Instincts

Second-Chance Cottage

Designer Kim Kelly commandeered a cottage built to house military families during World War II on St. Simons Island, Georgia, and transformed it into a charming home by honoring its historic roots.

Natural High

Fresh colors and a love of the outdoors bring honest but free spirited character to a '50s California ranch home.

Quirky Character

Inherited, found and reclaimed treasures give a vintage Michigan farmhouse its new personality.

Treasure Trove

A European upbringing and a taste for antiques bring charm and history to an Oregon home.

Family Heirloom

A Texas homeowner keep things simple in a beloved little cabin by the Colorado River.

Collected Wisdom

An industrious architect fills his Connecticut home with repurposed pieces.

Back in the Day

Flown the Coop

A plucky couple leave the roost to open up shop in the Lone Star state.

Modern Pioneer

History to Wear

A California jewelry maker reimagines antique buttons, pearls and prisms into one-of-a-kind fashions.

A Painter's Touch

Sip, snack and shop your way to happiness when you spend a day in the country.

Homegrown Texas Style

Part western, part Americana, part electric, the junk Gypsies are 100 percent original!

Places in the Heart

Blissful Gardens

Visit two beautiful farms where field of flowers wash across your senses.