Spring 2024


A Decade in Time: 20 Decorating Icons From the 1980s

As Country Sampler marks its 40th anniversary, we reflect on our beginnings with a pictorial of 1980s country style trends.

Crafting an Original

A ranch-style home in Kentucky boasts a primitive-Colonial look thanks to a couple\'s DIY efforts to reimagine its outmoded features.

Shifting Out of Neutral

Bypassing Southwestern style, Arizona homeowners showcase their personalities through casual details.

Piecing Together the Past

Dating to the early 1800s, a stone abode in Pennsylvania takes on new life after auction enthusiasts decorate with artistic flair. Click here to read a sneak preview.

An Ozarks Outlook

A log-clad retreat in Missouri reaches its full cozy potential after a country-loving duo customizes the interior with heirlooms.

A Makeover in Maine

After she inherited her parents' custom-built house, an antiques dealer makes it her own while also taking care to honor their decorative foundation.

Create & Decorate

In High Spirits

Let the season of renewal inspire new ways to refresh your rooms with thrifted treasures.

Standout Spaces

Making a Comeback

Take note of the smart strategies in a Pennsylvania kitchen that evolved from less than ideal to a historical showplace.

Antiques & Collections

A Vision in Vintage

Learn fun facts from an antiques enthusiast who composes memorable displays with incredible finds.

Outdoor Living

Gateway to Gardening

Get ready for planting by combining easy-to-find castoffs into an appealing and practical workstation.

The Country Experience

Second Chances

Adopt a make-do mindset this spring and rejuvenate your exteriors with clever collages of prized goods from yard sales and shops.

Inspiring Ideas

It\'s in the Cards

Revisit days gone by and savor the nostalgia of trimming your vignettes with old-fashioned valentines.


Country Connections

Find out what\'s new with fellow Country Sampler readers, our social media sites, current contests and more. This issue, we\'re welcoming sprign with our Country Floral Arrangements Pinterest board and a fan photo from Facebook.

Easter Egg Hunt!

Back for the 28th year, the Country Sampler Easter Egg Hunt is about to begin. You\'re invited to search through this issue (pages 8–126) to find 12 golden eggs, and then enter for a chance to win $1,000 cash. Click here to enter for your chance to win.