May 2023


Turning New into Old

Undeterred by the challenges of recent construction, a Michigan decorator studies the past to implement a rustic-prim look while enjoying the conveniences of today.

Desert Bloom

A Tudor-style fixer-upper fit the wish list of an Arizona homebuyer whose appreciation for Colonial and primitive design now flows throughout the home’s open floor plan. Click here to read a sneak preview.

Countryside Casual

An Illinois couple work together to develop one-of-a-kind furniture, complete remodeling projects and beautify their ranch home set on a peaceful rural property.

Adept Adaptations

With a shared admiration for antiques, a pair of salvage enthusiasts outfit their 1960s Illinois two-story to highlight their early American preferences and tone down modern features.

Create & Decorate

Can-Do Country

Consider humble food cans as versatile elements for reinvention and decoration. We’ll show you a few easy ideas to try before tossing your next empty container into the bin.

Standout Spaces

Slice of Paradise

Despite being assured that nothing would grow well on her property, a Pennsylvania homeowner rolls up her sleeves and cultivates a garden that is alive with repurposed finds and lush greenery.

Living the Life

Awash in Antiques

The once daylong chore of doing laundry offers artifacts from outmoded routines that nostalgic collectors gladly gather into heartfelt vignettes.

Refresh & Renew

Put Your Rooms in Bloom

Incorporate an assortment of springtime decor, from the bright graphics of seed packets to the soft textures of tiny flowers, as you create invigorating displays that celebrate the season of renewal.

Get Glowing!

Rethink your stash of baskets and galvanized-metal leftovers and convert them into hanging light fixtures that will project a warm patina onto any area.


Country Connections

Find out what's new with fellow Country Sampler readers, our social media sites, current contests and more. This month, we’re focusing on tabletops with our Captivating Centerpieces Pinterest board and a fan photo from Facebook.

It’s a Very Vintage Giveaway!

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