May 2012


Down Memory Lane

A long-coveted Canadian farmhouse goes from fixer-upper to primitive dream home when a collecting-minded couple move in. Simply Country: Read tips that will help you hone your home's look to favor simplicity over clutter. Click here to read it now!

Ranch Dressing

With few older homes to choose from, an antiques-loving Iowa couple decide to retrofit a 1970s ranch with 1800s appeal to suit their old-fashioned tastes. Make Everything New Old Again: Get advice for turning back time in a modern home to create a place that perfectly showcases primitive style.

Primitives in Motion

To underscore her love of primitives, a freethinking country enthusiast creates ever-evolving montages in her 1860s Massachusetts farmhouse. Old House Strategies: Discover ways to make the most of (or work around) an old home's quirks with clever painting and furniture-arranging hints. 

Getting Comfortable

An Indiana homeowner constructs, builds onto and ultimately overhauls her home to honor her newfound love of primitives with salvaged fixtures, pattern-rich textiles and plenty of weathered furniture. Theme Party: Learn how to construct lovely groupings by showcasing kitchen-, bathroom- and porch-themed furniture and accessories in their original habitats. 


Antiques Q&A

Whether it's retro housewares or old-fashioned traveling accessories, this month's batch of antiques contains endless vintage charm that really goes the distance.

Country Treasures

Encourage your rooms to take on a sunny disposition by inviting in these fresh accessories, from candles to cloches.

Safe Arbor

Learn how to build a romantic cottage-style garden arbor using salvaged doors and wood accents.

Illuminate the Possibilities

Construct creative candlescapes with bright ideas for displaying tapers and pillars, transforming antique kitchenware into molds and more.

Decorate with Crafts

For a fresh outlook on spring decor, pick up tips from the Country Sampler stylists as they infuse a cottage-chic master suite with sweet touches. Click here to read it now!