May 2014


30 Years of Country Sampler

In honor of Country Sampler's 30th anniversary issue, we're showcasing the evolution of country style with a look at how rooms and their furnishings have changed over the years. Plus, keep celebrating by viewing our new collection of country-themed decor, clothing and more!

Crafting a Dream

Furniture maker David T. Smith restores an 1890 cottage that honors his wife's West Virginia roots, renovating and decorating to reflect the couple's country preferences. Designing a Period-Style Kitchen: Get David T. Smith's expert tips for creating a kitchen with past presence and modern functionality. Plus, enter here for your chance to win a handcrafted lamp worth $355 from the Workshops of David T. Smith!

Small Town, USA

California shopowners find lifelong fulfillment in the warmth of farm-town living, celebrating their style via old-fashioned signage, antique furnishings and more down-home decor. Vintage American: Infuse your living spaces with the color and cheer of down-home Americana. Click here to read an excerpt.

Coming Home to Roost

After transforming the house and land they bought as a young married couple into a rustic country oasis, an enterprising Ohio couple enjoy its perfectly pastoral elements, from bloom-filled gardens to the rooster crowing in the coop. Down on the Farm: Transform your home into a "farm chic" oasis with garden-, animal- and barn-themed decor.

Former Glory

Thanks to an Oregon couple's restoration skills, design sense and determination, a historic 1884 home now revels in its rejuvenation. Six Smart Tips for Restoring an Old Home: Create an authentic yet livable home through design and decoration with help from a professional restorer.


Antiques Q&A

Read up on an interesting bunch of antiques, from a 100-year-old reproduction stool to an heirloom vase to a kitschy motion lamp.

Decorate with Crafts

The Country Sampler stylists wake up an underused guest bedroom with clever tricks and classic accents that turn the space into a decorating dream come true. Click here to read a sneak preview of the article.

Win! Yearlong Anniversary Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win $3,000 cash in our yearlong 30th Anniversary Giveaway! Click here to enter the contest.

Online Craft Fair

Our Craft Fair offers you one-stop, hassle-free shopping for home and garden accessories, furnishings and patterns. Click here to find out more information on our crafters and their products.