January 2016


Top Ten Collectibles for 2016

Explore our annual roundup of the new year's most notable collectibles, from tableware and textiles to furniture, artwork and more, and then get ready to go out and hunt for your new favorites.

Home Again

A Canadian collector finds that he truly can go home again as he revamps a house in the very neighborhood he grew up in and then fills it with his signature vintage finds. Conversation Starters: Get creative ideas for displaying your prized possessions with quick and easy tips to ensure your unique antiques get the attention they deserve.

Into the Woods

A savvy collector reinvigorates a traditional North Carolina cabin in the woods. Contain Your Joy: Keep your act together with savvy hints for small space decorating and organizing. Click here for a sneak preview!

Historic by Design

United by their love of history and passion for fine craftsmanship, a New Jersey couple build a past-honoring house from the ground up and fill it with exquisite reproductions to achieve an air of authenticity. Fake It Until You Make It: Discover creative ways to capture an authentically historic look without breaking the bank. Bonus Download: Click here to download instructions for sewing your own simple bench cushion.

When Something Clicks

A Missouri homeowner showcases her style with a little help from country-loving friends who are just a few mouse clicks away. Think Outside the Crock: Be inventive with vignettes featuring vintage kitchenware by following these hints for distinctive displays.


Country Connections

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Antiques Q&A

Our expert rings in the new year by analyzing an assortment of old-time treasures, including a rare printed flyer, an early alarm clock, a primitive coverlet and more.

Country Treasures

Wrap your rooms in classic country warmth by incorporating these wonderfully rustic accessories featuring a wide range of favorite styles.

Decorate with Crafts

From entertaining to organizing, the Country Sampler stylists share advice for putting a cozy primitive spin on any area of your home. Click here for a sneak preview! Plus, click here to view a video with tons more primitive decorating inspiration.

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