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Green Scene

From hard-to-find green graniteware to a family heirloom vintage bench with original green paint, it's no coincidence that rooms in Rowann and Hugh Wilkerson's Lilburn, Georgia, home all have at least one or two green accessories. "If an antique is green, it usually comes home with me," Rowann admits. Weaving a verdant pop of a favorite color throughout your interior decor is a personal signature and adds continuity to disparate spaces. Rowann offers the following tips for choosing and working with a signature color.

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Honeyed Figs

Put something delicious on the table with this farm-to-table recipe from North Carolina restaurateur and owner of Coon Rock Farm.

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Decorating Secret
Nesting Instinct

Nesting Instinct

Attach birds' nests and bright blooms to a piece of weathered barnwood for whimsical wall decor.


What are your favorite types of containers to use for planting?

Traditional terra-cotta pots
Galvanized goods
Artful urns
Window boxes
Upcycled items