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Honor History

Learn how to include authentic details when aging a contemporary kitchen to match timeworn preferences.

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Spoon Flower Wall Hanging

Make a happy flower arrangement with plastic tableware, paint and a few rummage-sale finds.

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Country Sampler 28th Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Join in on the excitement of this yearly tradition by finding the 12 Golden Eggs hidden in the pages of our Spring issue. It's fun, and you could win $1,000 CASH!

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Decorating Secret
Lighten the Mood

Lighten the Mood

Let stoneware jugs tell a color story with a sense of whimsy. Ann Couser Kittredge and Steve Kittredge align earthy pottery, carefully organized by size to follow the trim, in a corner cabinet in their dining room. An unexpected dog figurine brings a smile.
Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves


What's your favorite spring decorating motif?

Animal figurines
Bird nests
Pastel/lighter colors
Gardening items
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