Design Hints

Take Your Places

Get tips on how to assemble and stack fall mainstays into living room arrangements that showcase individual collectibles while making a strong statement as a whole.

Design Hints

Layer decor to enhance textural interest, express your individuality and conserve space. Tammy and Brett Young are pros when it comes to building up, out, over and under with harmony and style in their Herrin, Illinois, home. Gain insight into some of the savvy techniques Tammy uses when arranging prized pieces in her living room.

* Back It Up. Define display areas with windows, art glass or architectural panels. Consider setting low-profile decor on edge as a backdrop. Tammy whitewashed a section of brick-patterned paneling and mounted it in the opening of her mantel surround to create the illusion of a working fireplace.

* Count to Three. Stand a trio of graduated mirrors together, with the shortest in front, and let the edges peek out. Gather similar sets of stoneware crocks in opposing groupings, and place a stack of three jack-o'-lanterns on a stool.

* Border Boldly. Choose everyday objects, such as window frames, tobacco baskets and sifters, to increase depth and add appeal to other items. Tammy tops a white distressed window frame with a richly colored fall wreath for an eye-catching combination.

* Rise to the Occasion. Layer horizontal surfaces with runners, place mats, breadboards, barnwood and pedestals to emphasize vignettes and give smaller collectibles a boost. Tammy stacked a tower of woven picnic baskets and positioned a stool with a hooked cover into her design for tactile, graphic details.

Written by Pamela Dittmer McKuen
Photographed by Gridley + Graves