Design Hints

Savvy Stand-ins

Are you looking for inventive ways to display your collectibles? Do you wish to free up floor space throughout your home? Follow Jean Moyer’s lead and look to your walls, outfitting them with unique shelving alternatives in varied sizes as she has done in her Telford, Pennsylvania, home. Selecting timeworn finishes or mellowed patinas will highlight collections in a way that is compatible with many styles of country decor.
Savvy Stand-ins

• Hearth heists. Traditional fireplace mantels are readily available at antiques shops or on the internet in styles ranging from simple to ornate. Securely mount the mantelpiece to the wall and use it to elevate small items, such as handmade signs, paintings, pottery and greenery.
• Clever cubbies. Small divided boxes, orphaned drawers or crates might have once served another purpose but can be turned on their sides and mounted on walls to showcase a variety of goods. Plate racks and wall cupboards intended for dinnerware display often have multiple shelves, rungs and pegs, with proportions ideally suited for creating vignettes that feature an assortment of textiles.
• Perch perfection. Jean uses a prized antique buggy seat as a wall shelf. If you can’t locate a buggy seat, consider hanging stools, benches or chairs. Such pieces provide a throne for seating favorite collectibles.
• Grain elevators. Vintage grain sifters, hoppers and boxes are beautiful agricultural relics. Fasten them to the wall and they become artful elements that can also contain smaller treasures, gourds or floral flourishes. Cheese boxes and lids can be used to similar effect.
• Edgy elements. Employ pieces of architectural salvage to host wall decor, such as Jean’s corner shelf fashioned from old doors or the church kneeler above the French doors in her kitchen.

Written by Cheryl Hackett
Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves