Design Hints

Porch Panache

Set the scene at your home with a welcoming front porch that matches the country style of your interiors.

Design Hints

Invite an atmosphere of warm hospitality by decorating your front porch with the same flair as the interior of your home, as Jama and Mike Black demonstrate at their Shirley, Indiana, house, which they renovated extensively. Follow their approach to develop an outdoor gathering spot that exudes comfort:

* Mark Your Spaces. Determine the various ways you will use your porch, and define an area for each. Some suggestions are lounging, potting plants, displaying artifacts and storing tools.
* Sign In. Hang an advertising sign or two that express a sentiment or memory that is meaningful to you. Signs can be tremendous conversation-starters.
* Feel the Fun. Reveal your lighthearted self by staging garden art or layering mismatched textiles on chairs. Jama devises a familiar effect through traditional items that show off their timeworn finishes, like a rusty birdcage and animal figurines.

Written by Pamela Dittmer McKuen
Photographed by Gridley + Graves