Design Hints

Patriotic Panache

Carol Cook, decorating her Ventura, California, home for the Fourth of July is almost as important as decking the halls in December. In fact, her decor celebrates American exuberance all year long. "I love red, white and blue," she enthuses. If you are looking for ways to add broad stripes and bright stars to your home this July, consider these spirited ideas:
Patriotic Panache

Flag-Waving Furniture: Seek out vintage accent furniture at antiques venues to paint red, white or blue. Chalky-finish paint and spray paint are user-friendly and conceal furniture flaws. Incorporate a few pieces both indoors and out.

Pottery on Point: Comb yard sales and discount home-decor stores for platters, pitchers, dishes, cups and bowls with patriotic motifs as well as whimsical polka-dot graphics. Combine the themes to create a dynamic display or set a celebratory table.

Tried-and-True Textiles: Traditional quilt designs commemorate Americana with bold patterns and can often be found in patriotic colors. Showcase them on beds and seating, or simply fold and stack them on shelves. Add in accent pillows featuring flags, stripes or star motifs set against red, white and blue backgrounds.

All-American Artwork: Hang paintings, prints or vintage photographs that capture symbolic scenes—for example, military regiments, marching bands, parades and fireworks. Look for folk art, such as wooden figures that depict Lady Liberty or Uncle Sam.

Bright Banners: Decorate indoor and outdoor living spaces with flags and bunting. Even small flags make centerpieces look more festive.

Written by Cheryl Hackett
Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves