Design Hints

Dressing in Layers

Much like vintage vignettes in an antiques mall, Allie and Bill Sosnoski’s charming and cozy home near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is filled with seasonal decorating ideas and displays that draw their year-round charm from a lovely, layered feel. And, while Allie may love the past, she’s definitely a product of the 21st century when it comes to gathering design ideas. She likes to visit online blogs and sites such as Pinterest for decorating inspiration. “I can spend hours online,” she admits. She offers the following simple ways to add layers of ambience in your own home:
Patriotic Panache

1. Tactile touches. Position cornstalks inside a large tobacco basket or set multiple sieves of different sizes within each other to bring both dimension and interest to small spaces.

2. Fabric finesse. Layer a trio of vintage fabrics, taking a cue from how Allie draped her dining room cupboard, to draw the eye to an otherwise forgotten area. “I love adding woven textiles in with my primitive decorating for a nice warm touch,” Allie enthuses.

3. Harvest haul. Hang grapevine wreaths over a kitchen window, fill a vintage crock with dried flowers, and gather fresh bittersweet in a large basket to enhance everyday accents with beautiful color.

4. Basic backdrops. Opt for a neutral wall color to visually expand smaller rooms and allow varied collections to shine without competing against a colorful or patterned background.

5. Nesting instincts. Be on the lookout for unexpected opportunities to tuck smaller collectibles into larger pieces. Place a plethora of rolling pins into an oversize crock or basket, or fill the compartments of a vintage cupboard with yellowware or burled bowls.

Written by Khristi Zimmeth
Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves