Design Hints

Building on the Past

Achieving a seamless connection between old and new living spaces can be challenging. When Uniontown, Pennsylvania, couple Toni and Jim Anthony built their master bedroom addition a few years ago, they let history be their muse. Take note of their style cues to create a relaxing retreat with an eye on the past.

Decorating Hints

  • Make the Most of New Construction. When bedroom additions are planned, itís often to gain the floor space needed for modern furniture. Enjoy the freedom that comes with building to incorporate a vaulted ceiling and expansive windows into the design.
  • Enhance with Architectural Details. Install rustic crown moldings and chair rails. As a counterpoint, add painted barn siding and a paneled focal wall.
  • Match the Flooring. Consider the flooring elsewhere in the house. The Anthonys opted to continue their homeís wide planks into the bedroom, selecting a vinyl that looks like wood.
  • Combine New and Old. Appoint the space with a blend of new and antique furnishings. For a touch of whimsy, include a statement piece such as Toniís spinning wheel. Because the Anthonysí bedroom is so spacious, the large antique doesnít overwhelm it.

Written by Cheryl Hackett
Photographed by Gridley + Graves