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Building on the Past

Achieving a seamless connection between old and new living spaces can be challenging. When Uniontown, Pennsylvania, couple Toni and Jim Anthony built their master bedroom addition a few years ago, they let history be their muse. Take note of their style cues to create a relaxing retreat with an eye on the past.

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Fabulous Forest Template

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Reverent Impact

Reverent Impact

Gary K. Ball Jr.'s cherished Nativity scene makes a standout display in his front room, where it can also be seen from the outdoors through large windows. He elevated it with a wood chest atop a table, emphasizing its quiet scene with low lights and candles.
Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves


What’s your favorite type of pumpkin for fall decorating?

Traditional orange pumpkins
Carved jack-o’-lanterns
Pumpkins in unusual colors or shapes
Faux pumpkins
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