Style Your Home for Fall

Revel in the fleeting autumn season by introducing fall features around your home—inside and out.

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1. Grand entrance. Put out more than a welcome mat. Layer color and texture to create appealing groupings around your front door or along your home’s entry hall. Display gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn mixed with vintage farm equipment, or even Thanksgiving tableware. Use potpourri, fragrant candles or natural oils to add a sweet and spicy scent.

2. Coziness quotient. Herald the onset of cold weather with stacks of quilts, throws and shawls. Introduce softness by scattering small accent rugs near beds, chairs and hearths. Pile patterned pillows on couches, chairs and daybeds. Hang woolly hats and scarves near exterior doors. Find unique spots to tuck flameless candles.

3. All about color. Draw attention to the season with yellow, gold, orange and red blooms. Tuck sprigs of berries, seed heads, artichokes and small pomegranates into arrangements of goldenrod, flaxen yarrow, sunflowers and mums. Gently fading hydrangeas in glass bottles or canning jars look lovely and hint at nature taking a winter nap.