Make a Festive Fall Sign

Point the way to autumn by following our instructions to create a deceptively simple decoration for your front door or porch.

Try a signboard instead of a wreath this fall for your front door! Here’s an idea from Country Sampler stylist René Haines that you can customize to your own style and preferred colors.

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Prepare wood letters and a board. After choosing the length of board and the size of the letters for your project, paint and distress the board and the letters and let dry. René’s board measures 27" x 5", and the letters are 4" tall.

Add a wide coordinating ribbon. Stretch the ribbon across the board lengthwise, overlapping by about an inch on both ends. Attach the ribbon to the board with a staple gun, hiding the staples on the back. Check that the ribbon is taut and straight before stapling.

Install a hanger. A short length of jute rope is an easy way to hang the sign. Staple the ends of the rope to the back of the board to make a simple loop for hanging on a hook or magnet on your door.

Adhere the letters and flowers. Lay the letters out on the ribbon until you achieve the proper spacing. Mark each letter’s position with a piece of tape before hot gluing them to the board, if you want to be precise about the placement. Hot glue or staple on a few sunflower blooms and fall leaves at the bottom of the sign.

Make it your own! As an alternative, try a sign with your last name or another word with personal meaning.

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