Easy DIY Decorative Cloches

Showcase collectibles and seasonal decor underneath impressive cloches you can create from other everyday vessels in an instant.

Cloches, with their timeless look and useful plant-protecting background, are a design element that you could include in various areas of your home. The bell-shaped glass covers offer a flourish to collections, as they draw the eye to the treasures displayed beneath them. Simply add a few fall items to begin your transition into autumn.

How better to ensure your display is unique than to make your own cloche? “Turning a vase into a cloche and fitting it over seasonal decor is a simple and inexpensive way to create DIY home decor,” shares Kim Demmon, who writes the Today’s Creative Life blog. Here are her simple steps:

Find suitable vessels and knobs. Locate jars, vases, glasses or even fish bowls in various shapes and sizes, and clean them thoroughly. Shop for cabinet knobs, or dip into your stash for any flat-bottomed hardware. It’s easy to overthink how many to make and what sizes you’ll need, but Kim suggests creating a few cloches you like and determining where to display them later. “I hadn’t a clue what I was going to put inside each one, or if I would use a plate, platter, a bowl or nothing underneath,” Kim writes.

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Choose glue and assemble. Kim has used both E6000 adhesive and a moldable glue called Sugru. If using E6000, squeeze a dab out of the tube onto the bottom of the vessel and press the knob tightly into the glue for a few seconds. If using Sugru, form a small piece into a ball with your hands and press it onto the knob before pressing it onto the glass. If any Sugru peeks out in an untidy way, trim it away before it dries. With either method, let the knob set for at least a day to be sure it has adhered. Click here for larger image
Decorate your new displays. What looks nice in a cloche? Use your imagination. “Beautiful doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive,” Kim explains. “Sometimes simple fall table decor is as easy as placing a bunch of pumpkins in a bowl. I have enough doo-dads around this house, so I just searched around my home until it hit me. I grabbed a couple of older plates I’ve picked up here and there, and then I thought about trying my favorite scalloped pedestal bowl. Bingo! My mind is swirling with other ideas to place in my new cloche jars.” Click here for larger image

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Photographed and Styled by Kim Demmon

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