Collective Perspective

Take styling cues from an avid collector and talented decorator and turn your treasured collectibles into showstopping displays!

Every country decorator knows the thrill of starting and building a collection, but what is one to do when a treasure trove of goods begins to outgrow its space? Rather than part ways with your prized pieces, simply spread them apart, as Tammy Young so aptly does in her Illinois home. Tammy, a self-described collector/junker and decorator/crafter, owns an admirable assortment of kitchen-themed wares that she exhibits in thoughtful groupings that allow each piece to shine. Consider adopting her quick tricks for creating mini vignettes that are big on style.

Green Scene. Tammy calls this assortment of treasures her “little vintage green collection,” and it’s a spot-on way to usher her decor from winter into spring. The interplay of materials—glass, tin, ceramic and wood—promotes a lively, seasonal feast for the eyes. Animal figures offer a whimsical feel, while food-related goods and drinkware further the kitchen theme, making this arrangement an all-around winner!

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Swept Away. Tammy corrals a portion of her impressive whisk broom collection in an antique box featuring a similar hue that pulls the look together. The entire grouping is a lesson in how to combine textures, from the smooth surfaces of the boxes to the stiff bristles of the brooms to the supple leaves on the plant. Click here for larger image
Smart Cart. Tammy’s antique shopping cart is the perfect host for her collection of solid-wood rolling pins and bowls. Whenever she needs to mop the floor or access her cabinet, she simply rolls the display out of the way! “Years ago, I displayed my vintage grocery boxes in here. But when we moved into our previous house, I came up with this display. I liked it so much that when we moved into here, I kept the same display. I have collected wooden rolling pins for years, to the point that my husband gives me the eye roll when I buy another one,” Tammy quips. “Yes, we really do need another one!” A handful of artificial greenery cascades from the top basket to add a dose of verdant color to the scene. Click here for larger image
Spice Is Nice. Old spice tins are a popular kitchen collectible, but because they are small and similarly shaped, it can be challenging to find an interesting way to showcase them. Tammy solved that dilemma by stashing some of her tins in a round vintage jar. When she adds to her collection or wants to change up the look, it takes Tammy only a few minutes to swap out and rearrange the tins. Or, she can just turn the jar around to offer a different view! Click here for larger image
Moldie but Goodie. A few standout pieces from a collection of vintage metal molds can easily become the focus of a seasonal centerpiece. For spring, Tammy surrounded a trio of circular molds nestled in stacked wood bowls with a gathering of puffy moss-ball branches. For scale and to keep her decorating simple, Tammy layered two smaller bowls within the large one so that she didn’t need to overload the arrangement with more molds to fill up space. A homespun textile serves as a separation between the large bowl and the table, giving this vignette more prominence. Click here for larger image

To see more of Tammy’s beautiful home and inspiring country displays, follow her on Instagram.

Photographed by Tammy Young

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