Collection Confection

Learn how to arrange your collections in creative displays that will turn even the smallest of spaces into eye-catching showstoppers!

Drawer to Adore
Avoid tossing jewelry into a drawer! Jewelry collection storage and display might seem tricky at first; you want to have your favorite treasures close at hand but also showcase your favorite pieces for others to appreciate. Consider repurposing a wood cabinet door and two wood drawer fronts to create a wall-hung jewelry holder like this one. This display is a fun and simple DIY project that requires a splash of paint to the wood and then an even lighter paint to follow.

Paint the front and sides of the door and drawer fronts with your chosen color. When dry, cover with a lighter paint. Lightly sand the edges and other areas to expose the darker paint underneath. Lightly add metallic wax to the edges and other areas with a cosmetic sponge or brush. Coat all surfaces with a matte sealer.

Attach decorative hinges to the left and right side of the cabinet door. Center the drawer fronts along the door and attach to the hinges. The side drawer panels are not intended to fully close, but they tilt in to give the piece a dimensional look. Choose an assortment of knobs and hardware to fit your assembled piece. Drill holes to attach the hardware to the door and drawer fronts, and use the appropriate hardware to secure. Add picture hangers to the back of the piece and hang it on your wall.

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Plate of Honor
Special vintage pieces are meant to be seen! Why let your heirloom china languish in a cupboard or drawer when you can create a unique work of art? Using appropriate hardware, hang your favorite heirloom china dish on the wall and surround it with an open frame painted to coordinate with the china’s pattern. The final result will be a distinctive three-dimensional display that highlights your collected piece.
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Fence Frame-Up
Got a collection of photographs you’d like to highlight? With sentimental value thrown into the mix, a display of pictures makes a perfectly sweet vignette in any home. Everyone dreams of a house with a white picket fence, so why not create your photo display of beloved family and friends by using ready-made garden stakes standing in as fence pickets. Purchase wood stakes in packs. Decide how wide you’d like your fence to be and cut three 1 x 2 supports to that length. Predrill three holes in each stake, at the top, bottom and middle. Arrange the stakes over the horizontal supports and secure with screws. Whitewash your mini fence. Next, predrill holes near the top and just below the middle on each end of the fence. Drive in concrete nails. Wrap an annealed wire around the base of one nail and then across to the opposite nail, allowing the wire to sag. Use mini clothespins to secure your favorite photos on the wires.
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