Tooling Around the Garden

Take a closer look at utilitarian outdoor implements, and you may find that their shape, color or function inspires you to reimagine them as new decorative items. Repurpose old tools, such as garden spades, hoes, funnels, watering cans and more, as conversation-starters on your porch or patio or to give your indoor decor a seasonal spruce-up.

For example, the vibrant green hue and circular silhouette of a coiled garden hose make it a suitable stand-in for a wreath. Just add a couple of other garden-themed elements, such as a small metal watering can and a spray of faux blooms wrapped with a coordinating bow, to create a striking accent for a wall or front door.

Click here for larger image
If you’re a green thumb with a passion for planting, you might consider framing a few worn or vintage tools within a rustic wood tray as a nod to a favorite pastime. A twig and hops wreath suspended from a ribbon bow accentuates the texture of the tools and wood. Click here for larger image
Larger items, such this vintage tractor funnel, can be reimagined as containers for garden blooms. The addition of chains makes this galvanized piece into a unique hanging planter with a rough finish that contrasts delicate trailing flowers and greenery. Click here for larger image

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