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Transition Your Decor from Christmas to Winter

Consider these quick tips as you rework your groupings during this change of season.

The peaceful beauty of winter can be a welcome respite from the often too-busy Christmas festivities, and soon we will be putting away our Yuletide trimmings in favor of the elements that can carry us through the season ahead. We can all appreciate the cozy touches that help the days pass a little more comfortably, so take some time to unwind and revel in making your home restful and warm with these decorating hints:

1. Remove the Obvious. Some decor is emblazoned with “Merry Christmas” or other words that only apply to that holiday. Begin by taking these objects out of your scenes. Ponder the designs on ribbons and other decor. Take out anything featuring traditional red and green.

2. Go Natural. Leave swags of greenery in place but swap out traditional Christmas embellishments with natural items like pinecones. A color scheme of greens against warm wood tones and winter whites can be striking in its simplicity.

3. Warm Up the Finishes. Incorporate the soft glow of candles or lamps, the gleam of pewter or other patinaed metals, and the appealing look of rustic woods.

4. Feel Your Way. Increase plush textures throughout your home as a buffer to any chills. Stack up extra quilts or coverlets on beds to ensure a good night’s sleep, add homespun soft goods like accent pillows and afghans to sitting areas, and cover more spartan furniture with heavily textured fabrics. A thick rug can offer much-needed comfort underfoot.

5. Embrace the Season. Instead of hibernating against the cold and dreaming of summer, why not choose to enjoy the short-lived season? Now is the time to explore decor themes like icy blues and whites with sparkling snowflakes, or perhaps try a Northwoods or lodge look. Bring in skis, ice skates or snowshoes for vignettes and special touches.