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Charming Clockface Decor

Use our printable graphics to create two unique clockface accents: a whimsical barn-shaped wall hanging and a simple wheat-themed decoration.

Clocks and clockfaces are popular items to include in displays and vignettes—and Father Time would certainly approve. As you refresh your decor for the new year, consider creating a new accessory or two for your home. We have made it straightforward, providing the graphics for printing as well as step-by-step instructions. Note: The printable graphics for both clockface designs are included in the same PDF document. The instructions and graphic for the wheat clockface follow the instructions and graphic for the chicken clockface.

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1. Gather two scrap boards of equal thickness and width. Cut to the same length. This barn, as pictured, is 14½" x 11". Make angled cuts to resemble the roofline of a barn. Paint the boards red, distressing with sandpaper when dry.

2. Use two pieces of lath for the roof, joined at the peak with an angled cut. Attach the roof lath to the edges of the boards with small nails.

3. Paint two additional pieces of lath white, distressing when dry.

4. Print the chicken clockface graphic onto white printer paper or aged-look scrapbook paper. Trim away the excess blank paper. Arrange the graphic on the front of the red boards to determine where the white lath should be placed, and then use small nails to attach the lath to the front of the boards. The white lath will hold the red boards together.

5. Brush satin-finish decoupage medium onto the front of the barn, and press the clockface graphic onto it. Coat the entire barn with decoupage medium, covering the graphic as well. Let dry.

6. Tap an upholstery tack beneath the clockface. Add a sawtooth hanger to the back of the barn and hang on a wall. Hot glue moss and a faux egg to a large brass spoon, and hang the spoon from the tack.

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1. Cut a 1"-thick board into a 7" square.

2. Print the wheat clockface graphic onto white printer paper or aged-look scrapbook paper. Trim away the excess blank paper.

3. Paint the narrow edges of the board matte black. Let dry.

4. Coat the front of the board with decoupage medium. Press the trimmed graphic onto the decoupage medium, taking care that it is straight. Let dry.

5. Distress the edges where the paper meets the board lightly with sandpaper.

6. Attach a drawer handle to the top with E6000 glue.

7. Stand this clockface decor on edge in a display, or add a sawtooth hanger to the back to hang it on a wall.

Bonus idea: Take it to the next level by drilling a hole through the center and installing a clock mechanism to create a working clock.

Visit the Downloads & Projects page on our website here, choose “Charming Clockface Decor” and click on “Download Instructions.”

There are many more projects available online, so you’re sure to find other favorites to fill those serene winter afternoons.

Photographed by Joshua Ihrie and Styled by René Haines

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