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Beautify Your Plate with Flowers

Edible blooms bring delight to dishes, perfect for Mother’s Day luncheons.

In her book, A Woman’s Garden, organic gardener Tanya Anderson offers ideas on how to grow dozens of plants and use them for skincare, gifts and more throughout everyday life. Follow her helpful tips on raising, harvesting and using edible flowers.

1. Edible blooms include borage, calendula, cornflower, lavender, rose, pansies, pinks, nasturtiums, herb flowers and marigolds. Many things can be considered edible flowers, even the flowers that form on bolted lettuce. Flavors can range from mild to peppery hot. Grow them from seed for your own use, though, as flowers for sale as bedding plants are often sprayed with chemicals. Edible flowers are fragile. Harvest them the same day you plan to use them. Pick them during a dry morning. Gently inspect to be sure they’re free of bugs before adding them to a dish.

A Woman's Garden
Consider adding blooms to ice cubes. Distilled water will result in the clearest ice. Flowers will float, so you should do this in stages. Fill an ice cube tray partially with water, add a flower and freeze. Once frozen, top with water and return to the freezer. An added bonus: Some flowers will infuse your drink with color as the ice melts. Click here for larger image
Modify your favorite frittata recipe by including edible flowers. Fold blooms into the eggs along with your chosen vegetables, and top the frittata with fresh flowers just before serving. Click here for larger image

For more tips, visit Tanya’s website, Lovely Greens, or watch her YouTube channel.

These ideas and more are in A Woman’s Garden, by Tanya Anderson. Copyright 2021 by Cool Springs Press. Photos by Tanya Anderson, used with permission. The 192-page paperback book is on sale beginning May 4, with preorders available. Cost is $24.99 via and other booksellers.

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