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The Potting Bench: A Design Workhorse

This versatile outdoor furnishing offers a convenient place to tackle messy garden jobs as well as provides a pretty landing spot for seasonal decorations.

Once assembled and organized, an outdoor workbench can be a cheerful place to pass the moments of the season. Gather all your supplies and future project pieces and spend hours outside accomplishing tasks and making decorations for yourself and gifts for friends.

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Tulip Garland: This festive design was inspired by an old tulip greeting card. Simply trace a tulip shape onto scrapbook paper and use a calligraphy pen to add letters and blossom details. Cut out the shapes and attach them to the table apron with adhesive. This garland heralds the arrival of spring, but you may wish to add a name or saying instead. Laminate the paper for extended outdoor use. Click here for larger image
Instant Flower Holder: Turn any handled vase into a hanging flower holder to dress up your work area. Cut a 20" length of twine and tie the ends securely to each handle. Fill the vase with cut or silk flowers and hang from your potting bench. Click here for larger image
Twine in Line: Repurpose a vintage funnel as a handy dispenser for string or garden twine. Simply place a ball of string under the funnel and thread the end through the spout. The funnel will dispense the string while keeping the ball tidy and untangled. A copper funnel looks sharp, but a tin one would work just as well. Click here for larger image

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Written, Photographed and Styled by Matthew Mead

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