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Go for the Faux

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Follow these three simple tips to make shopping for artificial flowers a cinch.

If the flowers in your garden aren’t yet prime for picking, head to the crafts store to buy artificial blooms that are just as pretty as the real thing. In her book, Modern Faux Flower Projects, interior designer Stevie Storck offers the following advice for creating a beautiful bouquet:

1. Choosing faux flowers that match the real flowers that are currently in bloom will ensure that your decor keeps up with the seasons. Also keep yourself updated on current floral trends to stay in step with what’s readily available in the marketplace.

2. Buying faux florals will be easier if you have a color scheme in mind before shopping. However, pare down the color scheme if you want a wide variety of flowers. If you prefer a lot of color, keep it simple with just a few kinds of blooms.

3. If you’re having trouble deciding where to begin, start by selecting your statement flower and go from there. Choose one larger bloom first and then build the rest of your arrangement around it. Opt for a variety of textures, bloom shapes/sizes, and colors to complement your main flower choice.

To read more of Stevie’s tips and her easy-to-follow flower guides, see “Genuine Faux” in the March 2021 issue of Country Sampler.