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Spring Fling

Renew your rooms for Easter with charming spring styling ideas from a talented decorator and crafter.

We have sprung forward into daylight saving time and the first day of spring has finally arrived, so that means Easter is not far behind! Make your home celebration-ready with a plethora of vibrant vignettes, as Sarah Chitwood has done so beautifully in her Tennessee home. Sarah decorates with a colorful assortment of Easter- and spring-themed arrangements and unique handcrafted decor to bring a refreshing vibe throughout her rooms. Consider incorporating her delightful ideas into your own home to help welcome the holiday and the warmer weather ahead!

Bookish Bunny: Sarah perches a bunny plate atop a row of books to offer a whimsical note to this display. The common color palette featured on the books creates a cohesive feel to the arrangement. Adult-size wooden shoe forms holding blooming branches are complemented by a pair of baby shoes planted with succulents. A speckled egg in a cup adds another small dose of Easter to the scene.

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Center of Attention: A wooden dough bowl provides the basis for a diverse grouping that features a scale topped with natural-colored eggs, faux baked goods and antique spools. A vintage pitcher bursting with a bouquet of tulips serves as a lively focal point in the centerpiece. A quote by Anita Krizzan shared on Sarah’s Instagram page aptly sums up her sunny outlook: “Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” Click here for larger image
Barnyard Beauties: Lamb and sheep figures are just as much a part of spring and Easter decorating as bunnies, chicks and eggs, thanks to their peaceful nature. This lovely little pair mixes well with a butterfly Sarah created from an antique grain sack and a vintage clothespin. She rounds out the display with jars sweetened with cinnamon sticks and potpourri. Click here for larger image

To see more of Sarah’s inspiring home, charming displays and crafty sewing creations, follow her on Instagram or visit her Etsy shop.

Photographed and Styled by Sarah Chitwood

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