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Let Glass Marbles Glow

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Got a marble collection thatís just taking up space in a spare jar? Upcycle them into a unique light box that combines pretty glass marbles with the natural beauty of rustic wood.

1. Organize rustic wood strips from a craft store in four groups of three. Screw a mending plate to the top and bottom of each group of three 4" from each end.
2. Once each side is constructed, drill holes into the wood to accommodate different sizes of colored marbles. Use caution to avoid the mending plates on the reverse side of the boards when drilling.
3. Tap each marble into place with a rubber mallet. They should fit snugly, but you can also apply clear waterproof silicone or glue around the marble on the inside for extra security.
4. Attach the four completed sides together with a nail gun to form a box.
5. Arrange a strand of outdoor lights inside the box with the plug extending out the bottom. Add a few small nails inside the box at the top to hold part of the strand and evenly distribute the light. Since the bottom of the light box is open, it could also be placed over an outdoor spotlight.