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Go with the Faux

These no-fuss, no-carve pumpkins are a cinch to make and will keep your hands and house free from the mess of jack-o'-lantern seeds and pulp.

Soft Surroundings
Make a set of these woolly pumpkins in a flash using papier-mache or foam pumpkins as a base. Attach real pumpkin stems to the tops of your faux pumpkins. Reinforce each stem by drilling a small hole through the center of the stem as well as the coordinating spot on the pumpkin. Insert a wood toothpick into both holes and secure with hot glue. If you don't have real pumpkin stems, attach wood dowel rods or twigs instead.

Choose a thick yarn and pin the end at the base of the pumpkin stem, leaving a 2" to 3" tail. Begin wrapping the pumpkin from front to back, continuing around the entire surface until it is completely covered. Tie off the end with the beginning yarn tail and tuck under strands.
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To make the leaves, draw a leaf pattern on lightweight cardboard and cut out with pinking shears. Leave a 2" to 3" length of yarn as an end and begin wrapping yarn firmly around the leaf pattern. Alternate from side to side until the leaf is covered. Cut the yarn end and knot with the beginning length. Tuck the lengths under the wrapped strands. Attach the finished leaves around the stem with straight pins tucked under the wrapped yarn. Cut and tie two or three alternate lengths of yarn around the base of the stem to create tendrils. Click here for larger image
Marble Magic
This pretty pumpkin shines with all the colors of autumn. With flat clear stones in a variety of hues set into the surface of a faux pumpkin, it's great as a centerpiece or to light up your porch all season long. To make your own, mark placement of the holes around the surface of a faux pumpkin. Use a small drill bit to start the holes by going all the way through the pumpkin sides. (Wear a dust mask when drilling.) Slowly increase the size of the holes, but keep them smaller than the stones, as these come in irregular shapes and sizes.

Set a stone over a hole and trace around it with a craft knife. Then, trim the hole's edge to fit the stone. Clean up the inside of the hole with a rat-tail file. Apply hot glue or a strong adhesive inside the hole at the top edge and then push the stone into place. Repeat for all of your stones.

Cut an opening in the bottom of the pumpkin and add a string of cool LED lights or a battery-operated candle.
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Sparkling Scrubbers
Put those copper scrub pads to fun decorative use with these mini sparkling pumpkins. For each pumpkin, gently fluff the scrub pad to create a rounded shape. Cut an 18" length of lightweight bendable wire. Thread the wire through the bottom center of the scrub pad, up through the top, over the side, and then back through the bottom. Pull the wire snug to create an indentation. Continue wrapping the wire around the remainder of the scrub pad to create five to seven equal sections between the wires. Secure the wire end by twisting it around a wrapped wire or part of the scrub pad.

Cut a real twig at an angle for a stem. Create tendrils by wrapping wire around a pencil and cutting into varied lengths. Insert the stem and wire tendrils into the center of each pumpkin and hot glue in place.

Nestle your finished pumpkins into a bowl, basket or tray in natural light to show off their sparkle.
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