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Decorating with Apples

Celebrate a late summer harvest with the seasonís quintessential fruit.

One Smart Apple
Identify your appetizer selection with a pairing of apples and cheese. Cut a slit in an apple with a sharp knife and wash the cut with lemon juice to prevent the flesh from browning. Add a paper card that identifies the type of cheese and serve on a rustic wood platter enriched with seasonal crackers and crisps. Pair cheeses with Honeycrisp, Braeburn or Fuji apples for the tastiest results. You can also use this idea to fashion place cards for guests.

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Center of Attention
Create a foolproof centerpiece in minutes by filling a dish, platter or tray with a half-bushel of apples. In between the fruits, insert pressed autumn leaves, nuts in the shell, dried flowers and berry sprigs. Set the bountiful basin in the center of your dining table amid candlesticks and small cuttings of chrysanthemums. This type of arrangement needs little care and will last for weeks on your table.
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Photographed and Styled by Matthew Mead.

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