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Delicate Paper Flower Garland

Looking to add beauty to a corner of a mantel or edge of a bookshelf? Try this easy idea featuring leaf shapes cut out of scrapbook paper that coordinates with your decor.

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This garland designed by Jenna Campbell of Lantern Lane Designs can be sized to fit your space and takes just a bit of cutting. It’s a clever way to use up a stash of crafting supplies you might have left over from other projects, and so simple to put together that you can create one for every season or holiday. (In Jenna’s case, she had paper remaining after she covered books for a bookshelf, and she used cotton piping from a past pillow project. Any paper and thicker cord will do.)

First, choose how long to make your garland. Jenna says, “I love asymmetrical design since it’s more unexpected and (in my opinion) more casual feeling.” Use low-tack tape to attach the cord to the mantel. Experiment with the size and shape of the leaf. As Jenna notes, “You’ll need to channel your inner kindergartner and pretend you are cutting paper hearts.”

Once your leaves are cut, adhere them to the cord using a glue gun, making sure they are oriented in the same direction. Continue adding leaves, gluing onto the cord or another leaf as necessary, to fill out your garland. Roll a few pieces of paper tightly to make flowers and attach in the center of a cluster of leaves as a finishing touch.

To see more of Jenna’s designs, visit her blog, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Photographed and Styled by Jenna Campbell