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Warm Up a Room with Quilts

Discover how to add instant warmth to your winter abode with country-style quilts that will make being inside so delightful!

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Patterned quilts are full of charm and nostalgia. This may be why Linda Sawrey works several into the homespun decor inside her California home. Her quilts might remind you of evenings sitting by the fireplace or nights spent wrapped up in toasty warmth on your grandparentsí porch. Consider these simple tricks for heralding a dash of snug seasonal comfort with quilt stylings similar to Lindaís:

CREATE A STATEMENT PIECE. Donít be afraid to use quilts in seemingly unconventional ways. Of course, quilts work on couches and chairs, but why not repurpose an aged quilt by transforming it into outstanding wall art? The display is sure to lend some interest to a plain wall that could do with a little color.

SOMETIMES MORE IS BETTER. Quilts offer a hint of history, pattern and texture to every room, from serving as extra relief to a bed brimming with throw pillows or working as a fun addition to an antique wooden chair. When the weather is at its coldest, usher in stacks of quilts to provide a cozy seasonal vibe.

EMBRACE PATTERNS. Bring in a multitude of quilt patterns to create a colorful juxtaposition to the winter wonderland you might see from your windows. A home full of textiles will make you forget the frigid weather outside.

Photographed by Mark Lohman; styled by Sunday Hendrickson

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