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Decorate with Mirrors

Learn how a lover of antiques adorns her home with beautifully aged mirrors to welcome late-autumn's golden rays into her rooms.

With winter around the corner and daylight saving time in full swing, you may be considering ways to bring more natural light into your house. Amber Lyon Ferguson of Follow the Yellow Brick Home adds a variety of antique mirrors to her decor to bathe her autumn rooms in sunshine.

"I just love all the ornate details on vintage mirrors and the tarnished appearance of the glass on the really old pieces," Amber writes. The bonus of utilizing mirrors, of course, is the bountiful natural light invited into her Kentucky home. "Our house is generally shady, so lots of mirrors really help to bounce light around the rooms and make the spaces brighter and seem larger." At just the right time of day, autumn's golden rays cascade from windows onto perfectly placed mirrors, creating stunning threads of light that skip across Amber's house.

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Don't be afraid to layer antique mirrors into a wall gallery, such as this one along the staircase. Embracing the differing shapes and sizes, Amber finds unity in their charming vintage appeal. "I am really out of wall space for hanging mirrors, but that doesn't stop me from bringing home a vintage beauty! You can find them stacked on top of furniture and safely leaning against walls in vintage vignettes," she writes. Antique mirrors can be found on her tabletops and counters, as well, and work as dazzling focal points that bring together her home's many antiques. The shimmering glass of the mirrors gains a romantic aesthetic when reflecting candlelight, she says. Click here for larger image
Mirrors bestow magic in a home. "Mirror placement can create interesting illusions," says Amber, who loves the way her mirrors catch seemingly hidden views of the antique organ in her music room. A mirror atop her piano was a rare find from a yard sale. Amber took it home and added some razzle dazzle in the form of chalky-finish paint and distressing to let some of the piece's original gold finish show through. Golden frames and tarnished gold glisten in her cherished pieces, as Amber loves to introduce a sense of whimsy and wonder with her mirrors. "Layering mirrors and frames is definitely one of my favorite designs tips for getting as much vintage goodness as possible in a small space." A large golden frame hugs a smaller mirror in one gilded and playful vignette. Click here for larger image

Try adding your own beautiful golden glow with vintage mirrors to make your late-fall country home the fairest of them all!

To see more of Amber's antique mirrors, visit her blog, or follow her on Instagram or Pinterest.

Photographed by Amber Lyon Ferguson

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