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Make a Book Page Wreath

Armed with an old book and a little patience, you can create this festive holiday wreath and customize it to match your decor.

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Fashion a new wreath to include in your holiday decor out of a few simple materials.

Begin with a cardboard circle. This circle will be the base upon which you build the wreath. Consider how large you would prefer your wreath to be. The cardboard circle should be a few inches smaller than the finished wreath’s diameter so the base is concealed by the paper cones.

Next, make a hanger for the wreath. Poke two holes in the cardboard about 2" apart and thread through about 8" of jute rope, finishing with a knot.

Remove pages from an old book using a craft knife. Roll each page into a cone shape, taping to hold. Tape or glue each cone to the cardboard circle, beginning with a ring around the outside edge. Place the paper cones so the flared ends overlap the outside edge of the cardboard base by a few inches. Orient the cone edges in the same direction for symmetry. Glue paper cones onto the base until a ring is formed, and continue gluing paper cones in layers until the wreath is covered and full. If the book page cones are too long as you build, trim off the tightly wrapped tips that point toward the center of the wreath before you glue them in place.

Tuck sprigs of greenery throughout the wreath, gluing in place if needed. Finish the center of the wreath by gluing on a paper decoration, such as the front of a favorite Christmas card.

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