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A New Take on Primitive

Kimberly Smith-Johnson, a Quakertown, Pennsylvania, resident and owner of a home decorating business, says, "I like to put a modern twist on country style. I like to mix primitive and country." Her dining room embodies this philosophy and features bold colors, traditional furniture and unique displays. To transform your dining room into a prim entertaining space, consider Kimberly’s five decorating tips:

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Patriotic Sign

Download our pattern to create the Americana-inspired sign featured in the photo on page 9 of our July 2021 issue.

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Decorating Secret
Carve a Niche

Carve a Niche

Create niches to showcase beloved items. This recessed wall shelf was carved into the kitchen peninsula at the home of Kimberly Smith-Johnson and her husband Ben Johnson. It puts empty space to beautiful and unique use. This showcase happens to be low on the wall, near the baseboard. However, a built-in like this could be employed in a variety of locations in any room to make an attractive display for a collection of smaller items.
Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves


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